Sunday, December 12, 2010

Time To Say Goodbye

I'm done here. Au revoir~

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's a wrap!

Make a wish!

With dila's birthday present safely in her possession (albeit her birthday's tomorrow actually), there'll be no more gifts to be given to my dearest friends.

I observe the rituals of gift-giving to my compadres with near religious devotion. I revel in it and this year's been a definite success. I managed to present my people with gifts that their hearts desire. This year's success lies in Something Wicked This Way Comes, the second installment of The Gallagher Girls series, Do-It-Yourself Diary of A Wimpy Kid and a Velvet Underground CD.

When it comes to giving people presents I always do my best to give them something that they want. It involves some extent of detective work and intuition-based guessing with a dash of financial approximation. When it involves the people that matters to me at least, but then again, I don't really give people I'm not particularly keen on gifts anyway. To me, gift-giving is personal. I put my love into them because I love the people who they are meant for.

The surprise, delight or excitement expressed when they get things they really like pleases me to no end. I just adore it. Makes me very very happy. It's one of those happy memories I store that I can tap into whenever I feel nostalgic or something of that sort.

And the wrapping! Gosh, I love wrapping gifts. It makes my heart sing, haha. My favourite part will always be when I pinch the paper wrapper hard along the edges of the gift box so that the wrappers have sharp, crisp and well-defined edges and corners. In their anticipation to unwrap them gifts, I doubt anybody ever notices such detail. But it's all love. Those visible edges and corners are LOVE I tell you. It is.

Although one disappointment every year for the past 5 years has been, my older brother's birthday. I NEVER get to give him anything. Mainly because he currently resides 18 time zones away from Malaysia, which is Toronto, Canada. Each year I have this grand idea of making some kind of home movie which involves footages of each and every family member wishing him a very 'Happy Birthday' while holding their own personalized birthday 'banner' (a piece of drawing block with their personal wishes written on it). I'd then edit all these precious footages into a film collage filled with love and good wishes from home. Fantasy, fantasy. I don't even own a video camera. I could borrow somebody's of course, but *sigh* I don't know.

Last year, I almost managed to pull it off. Though instead of video clips, it was really pictures of family members holding the aforementioned drawing block 'cards'. Except, it turned out that the pencil drawn 'cards' weren't legible because they were too thin. I abandoned said plan because it'd take too much time to redo them cards :(

Thought I'd pull it off this year. But again, it's a fail. All we did was skyped and bullied Adi till he ran crying into the bathroom. And to think that he got me a real Harry Potter wand (which, I take out daily to stare obsessively at) this year D: Augh... Someday, perhaps.

Anyway, if you've ever received a birthday gift from me, do know you are very dear to me :)

Monday, December 6, 2010


Icy blue orbs frozen in a stare,

Through thickets of the unseen,

Where memories and dreams meet,

Like a flame his longing, burning.

His eyes twinkled as it pools,

Pearlescent tracks down his cheeks,

In unbroken streams,

His very soul leaks.

A personal apocalypse,

Made visible by an unruly heart,

With those sapphire eyes,

He bade his goodbyes.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Have it your way'

Despite the title of this post, no, I haven't had Burger King in months. SACE Results will be out in one week's time. If anything, it means I've got to milk this week's worth of reading, video gaming and uh, 'movie'ing.

I have given up trying to play Resident Evil 5 by myself. I've admitted defeat and surrendered the console to my little brother and cousin. I just watch them play in co-op mode. Them zombies are just, yeugh. Pity.

Am currently reading The Magicians by Lev Grossman. Since I'm a vicious Potter fan, I quite hate the book. The protagonist, Quentin Coldwater, is a Holden Caufield wannabe. Eh, I just hate him. He's exceptionally prodigious, pathetically depressed and ultimately boring. I don't know, he just doesn't come across as an enigmatic and witty tortured soul that I belief the author's trying to get him to be.

Basically, book's about Quentin being mopey. Dude stumbles on a magic college where he studies 'Magic'. Stuff happens, he does a card trick, pulls a sword out of a table, and vwalla passes the entrance exam, becomes a magic undergrad boy, makes friends. Then he's turned into a goose- know what? It's actually about him being mopey all the time. And the 'Magic', gah. Dullest most unromantic and unattractive take on 'Magic' I've ever read. Imaginative, yes but viciously repellant. I'm not even going to explain.

Also, the Potter jokes annoy me. Unworthy of having Rowling's masterpiece adorned in its back cover, unworthy of being related with the Potter series in any way whatsoever. It's a wonder I'm still reading it. But esh, I paid for this book and I will finish it. Within this past 3 weeks I've read 7 books yet my reading list seems to have grown instead.

Holiday's been great so far. Watched Rapunzel (I like it~) in Pavilion and ate at the Tarbush Restaurant in JW Mariott across Pavi last night. Cousin's birthday. Had a nice time. Finally got to eat real food. My new maid's horrid cooking only grazes the category of being 'edible'. I mean really, she's as bad as me! And I only know how to 'cook' rice in theory (Yea yea, I deserve to be stoned to death).

On another note, the streets of KL in the night time is quite fascinating. The lights, the assorted people, and I just love the musky scent of rain. The smoke, the loitering teenagers and the bottles of booze in plain sight on the other hand...mortifying.

To think that this indulgent, carefree and jovial mood of mine will be replaced with manic anxiety as I expectantly wait for my results next week is a bit of a downer. But whatever, I'll worry about that later. Now, we sing, we dance and steal things (Nah).

P.S: Happy 23rd Birthday Abang :) Made up with our little clone trooper by threatening to return them borrowed PS3 games. Cruel yes, but effective. Called you back on Skype didn't he? Heh.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Roger Reigns Supreme

6 - 3 , 3 - 6 , 6 - 3 (1 hour 37 minits)

Defeating top seed and close friend Rafael Nadal, His excellency Roger Federer celebrates his victory in the ATP World Tour season finale Barclays 2010.

Roger is now one of only 3 players to have won the Barclays Championship 5 times. This is also Roger's 66th ATP World Tour Title.

Where only the top 8 players qualify to play, Roger once again proves that he IS indeed, worthy of being noted as the greatest player of ALL time.

Beating Rafa in three sets, 6 - 3 , 3 - 6 , 6 - 3 (1 hour 37 minits), Roger won an incredible 92% of the points played on his first serve in the final, and lost only 13 points on serve in the entire match (San Francisco Chronicle, 2010).

Roger's elegant style of playing exhibited in all its glory is a sight to behold :) Where artistry and sportsmanship blends into a masterpiece of peRFection.


P.S: Take that naysayers out there! HAH. I shall shamelessly gloat.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Got bored for the first time since college ended, thus here I am. Went through some of the stuff I wrote in high school. Them 'short stories' I've long stopped writing because I discovered that my attempts at poetry are much less time consuming.

I think...I ought to give writing another stab. I miss it. You know, just cooking up plots, characters, dialouges and scenes. I particularly liked thinking up that something special that I'd usually start with before I build up the characters and story around it. It's usually a scene. Never a message though. I've never been able to write something to convey a message. It's always been about, a 'something'.

For example,

THIS, put a scene in my head. Of a guy playing this song like in the video, under a hazelnut tree by a brook, so close he was to the water, he could dip his bare feet in it. Surrounding him, is a field of dandelions that swayed in the breeze, as if dancing to the song played on the guitar. There's also a girl, in a yellow summer dress that matches the sun and the dandelions. Spinning like a mad gypsy, her long dark hair and dress billowing. Sun kissed, the grass is gilded in gold.

So, I wrote a chapter with such a scene in it. Oh, since I was particularly fascinated by fire then, dude's a pyromaniac. For some reason, the girl's blind.

MEH. There, click if you may and laugh at my amateurish attempt.

At any rate, I suck at it hahah.

P.S: I'm not even gonna get into my long stagnant attempts at writing 'novels'. Those chapters are probably decaying. If electronic documents can rot, they probably would have. *shrug*

All my lies

Let me swim in the channels of passion
So that my actions may be driven by love.
Stoked by the fumes of desire, I will step
Out of these smog of loss and confusion
This mist of anger and dissatisfaction
That clouds my eyes and blinds my heart
So that heavy sighs lace all my lies
All my smiles.

Can I not be what I yearn yet still be
What embodies the wishes of ones I care for
Bear the responsibilities they ask of
And fulfill the expectations they have bore.
Show me that the world is gentle and kind
Tender feelings of tolerance and resilience
Bare to me their generosity
If it be a must, let it be even pity.

I cling to such grand notions of liberty
That I know many have fallen prey to.
Mere indulgences of foolish romantics
Where thrive only things of beauty
And odes to our depraved humanity.
With my dreams in the palms of my hands
I offer myself brittle promises
In the face of denial, all my lies made fatal.